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Do-Gooder Profile: Virginia Health Care Foundation

Organization: Virginia Health Care Foundation

Year Founded: 1992

Cause: Health Care

Location: Richmond, Virginia

A double-sided postcard trying to recruit psychiatric nurse practitioners with a mask that has the Virginia Health Care FOundation logo on it

How It Started

For many people, healthcare was brought to the forefront of the COVID pandemic. The healthcare system in America has a great many flaws and those flaws were only made worse by a global pandemic. Many Americans struggle with paying for healthcare on a good day, let alone during a crisis. Enter: Virginia Health Care Foundation. 

VHCF helps uninsured Virginians and those who live in underserved communities receive medical, dental, and mental health care. VHCF supports free clinics, community health centers and more to expand all types of care and to the number of patients cared for each year.

This foundation also makes prescription medications readily available to those who can’t afford them. They are also able to help uninsured children get medical and dental coverage.

VHCF’s partnerships and programs have:

  • Made more than 3.5 million patient visits possible;
  • Generated more than $6.3 billion in free medications for more than 351,000 individuals;
  • Enrolled more than 120,000 Virginians in state-sponsored health insurance; and
  • Provided more than $15.5 million in grants to help establish or expand 53 dental safety net programs and projects.

How It’s Going

I connected with this group over Catchafire while I was working from home. This organization really spoke to me about the needs for those needing care in Virginia. It was even more important now. I was super excited to assist on a hiring campaign where I designed a postcard and a flyer to match their branding and messaging. 

This organization has a great ability to identify who needs their services and support. The campaign postcard was mailed out with a mask too! Taking care of their workforce and community at the same time is essential for healthcare advocates like VHCF and encouraging the public to mask up by providing masks was a stroke of genius.

Looking Forward

I too got a copy of the postcard and a mask sent to me as well as a thank you! I always love seeing the end product of a client project and these folks went over the top to make me feel appreciated. Working with their team was a great experience. They were very informative and knowledgeable and even had creative input in their designs! Being able to brainstorm with a team like that makes working with nonprofits so much better. 

I’m hoping that this foundation can continue to support their community and I hope I get the chance to work with them again. Healthcare workers make this world go round!

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