Artists With Anxiety

Artists With Anxiety is my vlog series about creatives dealing with mental illness. I want to dispel the stigma of mental illness and focus on the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to create.

The vlog focuses on creatives in Central Ohio and how they reconcile the parts of producing what they love with what they hate that comes with the territory. You’ll hear parts of my own struggles, but also those in the Columbus community. This isn’t a tear-jerker of a series though! The focus will always be the joy in creating and how creatives continue to do their best despite the struggle!

Episode 14: Cecily King Artists With Anxiety

Here is the last interview I recorded before COVID-19 took over. Cecily King is a staple in Columbus culture through her art and writing and signs across the city. We talk about dog-petting sessions, therapy, and facing fears. Her work even got noticed by Rolling Stone Magazine. Read it here:…
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