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4 Questions To Ask Yourself About Strategy

How can you tell if your brand strategy is working? Regularly taking stock of your strategy (or maybe lack thereof, I don’t judge) is essential to your businesses health. You won’t find success by implementing one strategy, leaving it and forgetting it. Tuning in to the ebbs and flows of your strategy or a combo of strategies will make things easier for you in the long run.

So, here are the questions I’m asking myself regularly. I check in on my business monthly and do deeper dives quarterly. These are some of the questions I ask myself about my own brand and marketing strategies. 

Am I seeing the results I want?

This question is great to start with. Are you even getting the things you need to succeed? Have you defined the results you want? If you can’t even define the results you are looking for then, you’ll need to reevaluate your plan. If you have defined the results you want and aren’t seeing them, consider how much time you think you’ll need to see those results. Will the goals you’ve set take longer to achieve than normal? Adjust accordingly. If you’re not seeing any results outright, it may be time to go back to the drawing board.

Is there an issue with the execution?

How did this strategy start? If it was a little rough at first, is there a way to go back and change one element of the strategy now that you know more? If it went well, what could be done better? What element of your strategy can you use next time or make even better?

Are there holes in my strategy?

Are you missing anything? Write out all angles of your strategy and the steps you’ll take to accomplish them. Is there a step that needs to be built out more? Are you relying too heavily on one side of your strategy, instead of diversifying your options? Being able to identify any holes is actually a great thing. No strategy is foolproof so holes mean that you have room to improve each time. Embrace those gaps in the plan and work to overcome them!

Do my daily tasks align with my goals?

Why should I be asking this? Because if your small, daily tasks are taking up all your time and they aren’t adding up to your goals, then it may be time to reevaluate. If you find yourself spending more time doing busy work, you’ll need to find another way around them or cut them out entirely. If these tasks are still essential to the function of your organization or business, consider hiring a virtual assistant or put out a call out for volunteers. Make sure that your time is being spent on the overall goals of your strategy. Busy work wastes your time and money (which is always valuable in the realm of doing good work). 

Final Thoughts

These are questions that I find myself asking a lot. Where can I improve? What tasks can I cut out to focus on my goals? Asking these questions every now and then will help you stay focused on the end goal and to improve your strategy. Branding and marketing are all about the long game in creating returning customers.

Your strategy and goals may evolve over time and that’s okay. Branding and marketing are things you can’t just set and forget. They require constant care and attention and deserve your time. If you’re really looking to succeed in the long run, make sure you’re asking yourself these 4 questions!

Did I miss a question? Have some experience using these as a guideline? Comment below or contact me for more information!

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