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Do-Gooder Profile: Wonder Connection

Organization: Wonder Connection

Year Founded: 2006

Cause: Community Development

Location: North Carolina

How It Started

Allow me to gush over this awesome organization called Wonder Connection. This group was the first organization I was paired with on Catchafire during the pandemic. I immediately fell in love with their mission and the awesome team that makes it all happen. 

Wonder Connection is a project of the non-profit Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs out of North Carolina. This is their mission: 

“Our mission is to promote joy, well-being, and self-confidence in hospitalized children and teens through the wonders of nature and science

Wonder Connection programming provides patients with joy, increases patients’ science knowledge, and acts as an inspiration for their futures. The natural science activities are patient-centered and focus on empowering patients by giving them the opportunity to make choices and be creative.”

This organization really spoke to me for a few reasons. First of all, how could you not want to help children in the hospital. Secondly, I used to be one of those kids. When I was really young, I spent my birthday in the hospital for troubles with asthma. It resulted in one other visit that lasted several days. I was terrified, tired, and confused. I had no idea what was happening and I was lucky that I had people bringing me new toys and activities to do while I was there. I spent a good amount of time playing with crayons and watercolors. Luckily, my stays weren’t long-term like some of the kids that Wonder Connection serves.

How It’s Going

If I had something like this in the hospital to keep me distracted and entertained, my experience would’ve been a lot different and that’s why I love what this group does. They turn educational content into fun and creative experiments that the kids can do right in their hospital room. Even during COVID, their mission didn’t change, just the way they did it. They were able to give nurses “to-go” kits to give to the kids to do with their families. The staff was able to ensure that everyone was kept safe and happy during that scary time. 

Looking Forward

I love the work that this organization does for those that deserve it. No kid should have to miss an education and entertainment when they are confined to a hospital bed. Fun is part of the healing process and the Wonder Connection can provide that. For more about this wonderful organization, visit

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