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What My Design Homework Looks Like

Want a look-see into what I’m working on right now? Here’s what my client homework looks like for the month of May.


I’ve had a few projects with Bardsy so far, but this month, our focus has been on developing lesson plan templates for their homeschool literacy courses. 


I love working with other small businesses and Rising Edge Industries is an awesome company run by one amazing engineer! REIndustries was in need of some banner designs for his website and YouTube page that incorporated an eye diagram that he uses often in his business. Next up: developing an official logo for this growing brand.

ArkBuilders Inc.

ArkBuilders Inc. is one of my recurring monthly clients. Each month, we develop content based on a calendar that was planned at the beginning of the year. Myself and a team of two others develop two blog posts and a series of social media posts to keep engagement up for the Central Ohio nonprofit. Here’s a quick look into some of the social posts that were designed for this month.

These are just a few of the projects that I work on in a month. Often, smaller one-off projects are sent my way with a few days turnaround. While those projects help my bottom line and help me pay rent, these longer recurring projects are what I strive for. I love creating a long lasting impact with small businesses and nonprofits doing good.

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