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My Logo Design Process

Building a brand can be a daunting process, especially when the face of your business is your logo. It needs to be perfect, right? There’s a lot of pressure. Thankfully, I think I’ve developed a process that can make logo designing almost painless for you. Here are the steps I take to create something original that fits your vision.

  1. Audit Questions
    1. This is where I get to know you and your organization or business. I want to know your goals, your aesthetic, what your fav colors are, and what your organization does.
  2. Sketches
    1. After I find out more about you, I start the process of sketches. I doodle down everything: good ideas, bad ideas, ideas that are REALLY out there.
    2. Once I’ve exhausted all options, I can pick the strongest three logos out of the bunch
  3. Drafts
    1. I build out the three options I think are best and then send you those three. You can then give me all your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and changes. You can then pick your favorite of the three choices.
    2. This is where I finalize the final draft you chose and create the variations that you will use throughout your brand. 
  4. Final Docs
    1. Once all variations have been finalized and approved, I will send you the final documents that you can use however you like! 
  5. Thank you!
    1. Of course, I appreciate every client and project that comes through my virtual door. Even after our transaction is over, I am always available for future work. I am happy to help you build your brand further or help you build your social media presence. 

If you have any questions or are ready to start your branding journey, book a free consultation for us to discuss further. I’d love to help you do good in your community through design!

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