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Why I Work With Nonprofits

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I’ve been asked a few times: “why do you do this? There’s not much money to be made with nonprofits…”

True. There isn’t a ton of money to be made in nonprofits. Ideally, I would love if nonprofits didn’t exist. I wish everyone didn’t need this extra help and I could spend my time doing other things that could put me in a Mercedes. However, that’s not the case.

For Good, Not Money

In the beginning of my career, I was taking whatever design projects I could find. After the 2016 election, it was clear to me that “good” was going to need a bit of a boost. These past five years have caused me to become much more involved in the community around me. I believe that, as a fellow human, I am obligated to use my gifts for the betterment of others. I started freelancing so I could make some extra cash to support my family, but I fell in love with trying to help people. I’m not in this for the money, but it sure does help me help others. These nonprofits do the impossible every day and get communities closer to equity every day. They deserve all the support they can get. 

Need More Resources

Nonprofits often don’t have the means or resources to grow as they should. They are often turning to donations, fundraising, and grants to function. Branding can make a huge difference in a for-profit business, so why can’t it help move nonprofits forward as well. Branding creates interest in an audience and potential donors. Marketing can spread the organization’s message even farther to new markets and even more volunteers or donors. I believe that nonprofits should have the same access to resources that regular businesses do.

Nonprofit organizations are only trying to make the world a better place, so why shouldn’t we help them? It’s always fun to volunteer and it’s important work, but someone needs to help with appearances on the outside to make sure the organization can grow. This is why I love working with nonprofits so much. They have so much potential to do more through branding and marketing themselves. They are already doing great work, so why not show it off?

Great People

In my experience, nonprofit teams are the kindest and most patient people to work with too. They know what it’s like to work hard and get the work done no matter what. These people have seen some terrible things and just want to help and do their best. Who doesn’t love working with that? I love joining Zoom calls where everyone is excited to help and do good work. We’re able to crack more jokes, feel rewarded in the work and it makes for some awesome conversations. 

Just Plain Happier

I feel my best when I’m able to help others. When I’m enjoying the work and following my own values, it doesn’t feel like a struggle. Sometimes, it can be really hard to stay focused, but when I have a goal to see something good happen in a community, I can find the energy. I’m proud to work with these organizations and I brag about the good work they do and that makes me happier. I do better work when I’m happy (duh.). I love working with nonprofits that align with my values and it makes the work day so much easier. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re a nonprofit organization and are looking to up your branding and marketing game, hire someone who knows your needs and abilities. I love supporting others, just like you do. Caring people make better teams, so let’s team up!

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