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Getting in Gear

Since I unveiled my new website, I’ve decided to revive my blog from the depths as well.

The main reason that I’ve started again is because I feel like I’ve lost touch. I used to write a ton in school, some blog posts a year or two ago, and then academic writing in school. I very much miss writing from a creative standpoint, and I want to be able to talk about my experiences, observations, trips, and life in general.

The other reason is that I’ve found myself functioning more as a content creator in the professional realm. I’m having to write more captions, social media posts, and content for print collateral. I tend to be a better writer than a speaker, mostly because it allows me to think before I post and also allows me to delete any errors. My whole point here is that I want to speak candidly about my experience being a creative. I want to be able to flex more of my creative muscles, so I’m going to dedicate some time every other week to write a blog post. That being said, I also have a few other things I’m working on and hope to reveal soon. There is one current project I’d like to announce now though.

I’m in the process of starting a vlog.

Yep, a video blog! This coming from someone who has a hard time keeping a schedule normally, but I have a few different reasons for wanting to take up this project. Along with reviving the written blog, one reason is that I want to be able to add video to my set of skills as an artist/designer. I have the awesome opportunity to work with video/motion projects at my current job, and I would like to apply this knowledge to my own life and business. I’ve been doing a lot more video editing at work, but I also want to explore in my free time. My other reason is to help pull me out of my introverted shell. My current job has been great and has even helped push me in directions I never thought I could handle. Much to my surprise, I’ve been handling it all quite well, and I want to continue moving forward as I become more comfortable with handling certain situations and facing fears.

One of those fears is public speaking. In my case, it’s talking to people in certain social settings, making phone calls, or speaking to an audience. I’m hoping that making videos will help ease that fear as I get the hang of “winging it” and become more comfortable with talking in general. There won’t be much editing besides some slight motion graphics and intros (which I will hopefully be able to add to my design portfolio).

The beauty of being in a creative industry is the blend of work and play, so you may get little glimpses into my personal life at times. I’m not one to shy away from such things, but I hope to mainly use the writing and vlogging as a way to focus all of my thoughts and experiences into one coherent entity. I’m lucky I get to be creative both at home and at work.

The problem with a blossoming career is that it keeps me busy, but this outlet is much needed.  You’ll be seeing much more of me and I have quite a few projects that I hope to reveal later on besides the vlog! Stay tuned and look forward to hearing from me!

See you on the flip side!

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