How do you stay creative?


Something I learned throughout my academic career is that if an object is in motion, it will stay in motion. This is all fine and dandy when you have deadline after deadline for classes and have to keep churning out projects day in and day out.

Now that I’ve been out of school for a couple months, without access to a studio or even a desk, I’m having trouble staying in the groove. I still fulfill all deadlines for work, but the second I get home, I plop on the couch and watch tv until I fall asleep. This is something that I’ve been trying to figure out. I’m trying to stay motivated to keep drawing and keep designing outside of work to keep my mind and skills sharp. I need to stay creative, to keep thinking.

I will admit that I have been making excuses. There’s a quote from Disney Pixar’s Brave, where the widdler/witch claims, “Never conjure where you carve!”. This is one of the things that helps me get to work: being in an environment that is meant to be relaxing, but not so much that I have the need to put pajamas on and go to bed or lounge around. I need to be alert and making art, working; not being lazy. You would be surprised how difficult this is in a two-bedroom apartment.

Regardless, I am trying to find the time and ways to make art. I’ve been keeping a small sketchbook and pen with me to at least draw something every day. I’ll draw photos from my phone, a theme, a word, typography, illustrate a quote or draw objects around me. I’m also looking into a journal that gives you a drawing prompt every day for a year to keep myself motivated and focused.

Here’s a few sketches I did in a few minutes from this week:

Photo Oct 29, 9 28 50 PM (1) Photo Oct 31, 9 31 17 PM

Also, to remain creative in other ways, I’ll be keeping better track of my writing and this blog. I’m going to be setting down a designated time and day each week to write a blog post.

This is where you come in: what strategies do you use to keep yourself making art and staying creative? Do you create daily journals? Set aside time? How do you keep it up when you lose a day, a week, 6 months?

I want to hear from you and to help you stay creative! Keep me accountable too!


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